Hacker Noon October 23, 2019
Brian Wallace

Nanotechnology is the frontier of modern medicine, but it has already been in use almost two decades. PillCams were first approved by the FDA in 2001, and by 2008 they had already been used in more than 2 million procedures. By 2024 nanotechnology will be a $125 billion global industry. So what’s next in the world of medical nanotechnology?

Nanotech pills were the first major frontier in medical nanotech, and in addition to Pillcams there are also Dose Tracking Pills and the Vibrant Capsule.

The Vibrant Capsule vibrates in a patient’s stomach to jumpstart digestion and relieve constipation without medical intervention, and therefore no side effects from medication.

Dose tracking pills are tackling another major issue in the medical world...

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Topics: Nanotech, Technology
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