Becker's Healthcare December 5, 2023
Naomi Diaz

Microsoft is continuing its push into the healthcare industry, with one of its most notable partnerships of 2023 being with EHR provider Epic Systems.

Here are 15 of Microsoft’s biggest healthcare moves in 2023, as reported by Becker’s:

  1. Microsoft’s AI-powered radiology co-pilot is being used at Somerville, Mass.-based Mass General Brigham. The tool is called PowerScribe Smart Impression and can draft impressions for radiologists, saving them up to a minute per read.
  2. Microsoft collaborated with Tacoma, Wash.-based MultiCare to organize health data from phones and fitness trackers.
  3. Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic committed to using Microsoft 365 Copilot, which combines large language models with organizational data to streamline administrative work.
  4. Microsoft inked a partnership with St. Louis-based...

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