Silicon Republic May 10, 2023
By Vish Gain

Canton Network, which will begin testing in July, is a ‘network of networks’ for blockchain interoperability in financial markets.

In what is set to be a big boost for blockchain adoption globally, a group of multinational firms including Microsoft, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs has announced plans to launch a worldwide blockchain network for financial markets to adopt the privacy-focused technology more easily.

Known as Canton Network, the project will provide a decentralised infrastructure to connect applications built with Daml, or digital asset modelling language, which is a blockchain-agnostic language for smart contracts.

Canton will create a ‘network of networks’ of sorts, allowing “previously siloed” systems in financial markets to interoperate with the appropriate governance, privacy, permissions and controls required for...

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Topics: Blockchain, HIE (Interoperability), Technology
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