July 9, 2024
Lloyd Price

Exec Summary

Medicine 3.0 is a term coined by Dr. Peter Attia to describe a potential future of medicine that is more personalised, preventive, and participatory than the current model (Medicine 2.0).

It emphasises taking a proactive approach to health care, with a focus on preventing chronic diseases and optimising healthspan, rather than just lifespan.

Medicine 3.0 is a proposed future of medicine that emphasises prevention, personalisation, and participation in healthcare. It’s a move away from the reactive, disease-centred approach of traditional medicine (Medicine 1.0) and the more specialised, treatment-focused approach of modern medicine (Medicine 2.0).

Here are some key characteristics of Medicine 3.0:

  • Prevention: Medicine 3.0 focuses on preventing disease before it starts, rather than just treating...

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