Home Health Care News March 20, 2023
Patrick Filbin

In less than two weeks, there may be far fewer eligible Medicaid beneficiaries.

Medicaid membership ballooned during the pandemic. Millions of people were suddenly eligible for public health care when companies went through layoffs and when unemployment spiked.

Over the past three years, states were told not to disenroll people who didn’t specifically request it. With Medicaid redetermination requirements restarting across the country, fewer Americans will be considered Medicaid-eligible.

That could be a big deal for home-based care providers, given many offer home- and community-based services to Medicaid populations.

Some believe it will have a significant impact moving forward. Others, like Addus Homecare Corporation (Nasdaq: ADUS), do not.

“When states expanded their Medicaid, it really didn’t add a lot of...

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