RamaOnHealthcare June 27, 2024

Thoughts from David W. Johnson, CEO of 4sight HEALTH, a boutique media and advisory organization

I am a regular reader of RamaOnHealthcare. I value the timeliness and synthesis of the daily newsletter. In a digitizing world that overwhelms us with content, most of it worthless and much of it unsolicited, it’s comforting to have a trusted source that aggregates and categories essential content in ways that are easy to understand and access. Rama separates the signal from the noise. We’ve never needed that more in healthcare. Beyond the daily newsletter, Rama’s transformation platform enables readers like me to dig deeper efficiently and comprehensively on topics that interest us. This advances constructive industry engagement and dialogue.

David W. Johnson, CEO of 4sight HEALTH

David W. Johnson, CEO of 4sight HEALTH

In a larger sense and without being presumptuous, the Rama and 4sight Health platforms complement and advance one another. Each supports the belief that healthcare transformation is both necessary and possible. Each enables individuals to contribute to the larger goal of building an equitable health system that delivers kinder, smarter and affordable care for all. While revolutionary, this transformation is manifesting more bottom-up than top-down through the efforts of individuals and companies willing to advance value-based care.

Transforming U.S. healthcare is a noble endeavor. Millions of Americans are contributing in ways large and small. Their collective action and impact exemplifies the spirit of Senator Robert Kennedy’s passion for grass-roots change captured in his Day of Affirmation Address in South Africa on June 6, 1966.

Paraphrasing RFK’s words and applying them to healthcare generates this remarkable call to action:

Each time individuals stand up for universal health insurance, or act to improve health outcomes for others, or strike out against health inequities, they send forth tiny ripples of hope. Crossing one another from a million different centers of energy, those daring ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of institutional resistance.

It’s time for revolutionary healthcare. With so many others, Rama and 4sight Health are developing the manifesto for change. Join us.

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