Medical Xpress September 28, 2022
Susan E.W. Spencer, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Does the COVID-19 pandemic have a silver lining? A recent article by UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Lowell researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications reports that interest among health care professionals in point-of-care technologies (POCTs) increased during the pandemic, with perceived applications of easy-to-use at-home, mobile or bedside devices in a broader range of diseases.

Health care professionals also viewed the adoption of POCTs as facilitating the humanization of epidemiology—in other words, sharing control of disease diagnosis and management with patients, rather than continuing to be provider-driven.

So-called “gray swan events,” which are expected but unpredictable, can shift attitudes and behaviors, such as about how societies administer and provide access to health care as well as offer unique...

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