Medical Xpress September 28, 2022
Louisiana State University

LSU researchers have built a cancer drug discovery engine powered by AI that soon could match any type of cancer, based on a small cell sample from a patient, with the drug most likely to cure that cancer.

Surgical oncologist Dr. John Stewart, director of the LSU Health New Orleans/LCMC Health Cancer Center said, “LSU’s work to leverage AI for precision medicine will allow us to devise new molecular-driven treatments for every patient.”

An interdisciplinary LSU research team with members in the School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Science, College of Engineering and the Center for Computation & Technology is using artificial intelligence, or AI, to discover personalized cures for more quickly and affordably.

Developing algorithms originally designed to...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Pharma / Biotech, Precision Medicine, Provider, Technology
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