Forbes June 7, 2023
Alex Knapp

Earlier this week, the American Society of Clinical Oncology held its annual conference in Chicago, which featured thousands of pieces of research from researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Here’s a few highlights from the conference:

  • Cancer vaccines: Moderna presented data showing that its mRNA-4157 vaccine in conjunction with Merck’s Keytruda reduced the risk of distant metastasis or death by 65% in stage III & IV melanoma patients. Meanwhile, France-based pharmaceutical company Transgene presented positive data for its vaccines against HPV16-positive anogenital cancers as well as head and neck carcinoma.
  • Non-small cell lung cancer: AstraZeneca’s drug osimertinib (marketed as Tagrisso) showed a significant reduction in risk of death (51%) for patients with early stage, epidermal growth factor receptor-mutated NSCLC. Additionally, Swiss-based...

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