Fierce Health Payer July 22, 2019
Sloan Gaon

With medical transportation, Uber Health will reroute the course of healthcare in a way we haven’t seen since the antibiotic, argues PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon.

You’ve had a tennis accident and suspect the worst: a broken leg.

A telemedicine doctor-on-demand confirms your fears: You need to see a physician in person.  From your phone, you nab an Uber Health ride (HIPAA-safe, affordable and reliable) covered by your CVS/Aetna health plan. 

At a state-of-the-art medical mall, the wait for an X-ray is short. You barely have time to pull out your iPhone and find your secure MyChart health records—data that are owned by you, but protected by blockchain.

Like clockwork, the radiologist’s report appears in the app, an orthopedist casts your...