RamaOnHealthcare January 1, 2022

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Happy New Year!

The four trillion-dollar US healthcare industry is at an inflection point. Consequently, a clear prediction for the long term is impossible to make. That’s because this sector is encountering transformation, disruption, accelerating momentum, and empowered customers.

This dynamic was catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic and by accelerated innovations in retail, healthcare, and technology sectors. The growing realization that non-clinical factors contribute 80 to 90% of health outcomes was also a contributing factor.

It takes a village to care for a village and the responsibility falls to us to do so. We, as a community, must cultivate a smart growth mindset and a culture that connects with empathy and leads with compassion.

Being current with trusted, informed, innovation content that motivates, activates behavior, and builds healthy habits will help our health and health care goals. For that reason, RamaOnHealthcare (ROH) curates and shares the latest in compelling articles from more than 1,000 nationally recognized healthcare publications and 2,000 unique newsletters created and shared. It:

• Provides a morning newsletter directly via email to Influential Executives and companies within and throughout all of healthcare,

• Provides a SmartSearch option to allow readers to search more than 60,000 professionally vetted articles for research, education, and preparation to share strategical insights,

• Presents in-depth interviews with key leaders, and

• Separates the ‘signal’ from the ‘noise’ with continuously refined algorithms to identify reliable, relevant, important information.

Today, we are pleased to announce The Platform for Healthcare Transformation will launch in Q4 2022. It will provide ROH readers with improved search capacity, enhanced publishing opportunity, and new collaboration tools.

We are eager to support inspiring leaders, readers, innovators, and sponsors with effective insights, resources, and options to enhance decision making and deliver value to the healthcare community as it works to improve health for all.



Rama S. Juturu
Founder and CEO

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