HCEG January 4, 2022

The HCEG Top 10 has been a pillar of the HealthCare Executive Group for over a decade with 2022 marking the 12th annual release of this list of challenges, issues, and opportunities facing healthcare leaders. The 2022 HCEG Top 10 is important as it helps drive HCEG programming, networking, and thought leadership for the coming year. It will also serve as the basis for national Industry Pulse research that takes a deeper dive into select items on the 2022 HCEG Top 10 priorities.

Historically developed and finalized during the HCEG Annual Forum, the coronavirus pandemic forced a change to that approach in 2020; a change that has carried over for the 2022 HCEG Top 10.

Guiding Development of the 2022 HCEG Top 10


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Topics: Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Provider, Trends
Transformation of Health Rests on Innovation
Female clinicians spend more time in the EHR, study finds
Venture capital firm launches $75M telehealth-focused fund
Female doctors spend more time with patients, and it could cost them
Big Health’s Softbank Money, FDA Board Member Send Strong Signals About Digital Therapeutics Market