Fierce Healthcare January 20, 2022
Paige Minemyer

Humana’s senior-focused primary care providers, CenterWell, is kicking off a significant expansion effort with plans to enter five new markets with 26 additional clinics.

Humana said the growth will begin later this year and carry into 2023. The company will bring its services to the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Phoenix, Louisville, Nashville and Charlotte markets, marking its entry into Arizona, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Humana’s primary care organization, which includes CenterWell as well as Conviva Care Solutions, is already the country’s largest provider of senior-focused primary care ahead of its planned expansion. It treats 300,000 patients enrolled in multiple Medicare Advantage plans as well as traditional Medicare and Medicaid, Humana said.

“We’re excited about everything we have planned for this year because it...

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