VentureBeat July 21, 2022
Dan Muse

The healthcare sector is complex and fragmented, often with misaligned incentives or a lack of coordination that leads to ineffective distribution of resources. Fragmentation also has a negative impact on patient outcomes, costs and quality of treatments.

During VentureBeat’s Transform 2022 virtual conference, 30-year AI industry veteran Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics, joined Sachin Joshi, SVP, data and analytics engineering at Evernorth (a subsidiary of Cigna), to discuss what Cigna is doing to improve that fragmented care and bring down healthcare costs by using data.

Cigna has created a platform that allows the company to automatically identify situations requiring clinical attention, implementing interventions tailored to a patient’s clinical conditions and engagement preferences. The platform also provides 360-degree visibility into...

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