December 30, 2022

Nine in 10 of the world’s central banks are pursuing digital currency projects, but private sector expertise and buy-in will be pivotal to their success, Anish Jain, CEO of WadzPay, tells PYMNTS in the December edition of the “Blockchain Payments Tracker.”

Anish Jain, CEO of blockchain-based payment ecosystem WadzPay, tells PYMNTS how the marriage of blockchain innovation with established systems is giving rise to the next revolution in the payments industry.

Innovation is best supported by a firm foundation in the traditional, according to Anish Jain, CEO of WadzPay. With more than 15 years’ experience at Mastercard and American Express, Jain recognized early on the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the payments industry by enabling faster payments, better security and...

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Topics: Blockchain, HIE (Interoperability), Technology
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