Fast Company May 26, 2023
By Jo Bhakdi

Employers that invest in routine testing today can help normalize behaviors that will serve generations to come.

The Covid-19 public health emergency has ended, but the lessons we’ve learned over the past three years remain crucially important for integrating better public health policies into our workplaces. Since 2020, we’ve lost over one million people, watched hundreds of millions get sick and in the process learned just how unprepared we initially were.

We’ve also learned that Covid-19 was not the first, and likely will not be the last pandemic. Between “bird flu” and Mpox outbreaks and last winter’s “tripledemic,” it’s become clear that navigating contagious diseases is increasingly becoming a part of daily life. Luckily, we’ve developed new techniques...

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Topics: Employer, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Public Health / COVID
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