KFF May 17, 2024
Shameek Rakshit, Emma Wager, Cynthia Cox, Paul Hughes-Cromwick, Krutika Amin

Note: This analysis was updated on May 17, 2024 to include new data.

Inflation in medical care prices and overall health spending typically outpaces inflation in the rest of the economy. However, since 2021, medical prices have grown at a similar rate as in past years while prices in some other parts of the economy grew much more rapidly than in the past.

While medical care prices increased by 2.2% between March 2023 and March 2024, the prices of all goods and services increased by 3.5%, according to an updated analysis. Prices...

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Topics: Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Pricing / Spending, Provider, Survey / Study, Trends
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