Guardian January 2, 2021
Laura Spinney

In the wake of Covid, doctors and designers are radically adapting their thinking about what a hospital can be and what it should deliver

St Mary’s hospital was slated for a £1bn redevelopment before the pandemic struck, with work due to start in 2027. The main emergency and specialist hospital serving north-west London will still get its upgrade, but it might look quite different now. “Covid-19 has dramatically changed things,” says James Kinross, a surgeon who works at St Mary’s and sits on its redevelopment planning committee.

Before the pandemic, Kinross says, the committee’s goal was to improve the efficiency of existing care pathways; now it’s to rethink those pathways entirely. St Mary’s is a test case, but the shape of...

Topics: Health System / Hospital, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Public Health
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