Keckley Report May 20, 2024
Paul Keckley

Last week, RAND issued its latest assessment of hospital prices concluding…

“In 2022, across all hospital inpatient and outpatient services (including both facility and related professional claims), employers and private insurers paid, on average, 254% of what Medicare would have paid for the same services at the same facilities. State-level median prices have remained stable across the past three study rounds: 254 %of Medicare prices in 2018 (Round 3), 246%in 2020 (Round 4), and 253% in 2022 (Round 5—the current study).”

Like clockwork, the American Hospital Association issued its “Rebuke” of the report:

“In what is becoming an all too familiar pattern, the RAND Corporation’s latest hospital price report oversells and underwhelms. Their analysis — which despite much heralded data...

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