Becker's Healthcare May 10, 2022
Naomi Diaz

The majority of ransomware attacks on the healthcare and public health sector in the first quarter of 2022 were conducted by five ransomware-as-a-service groups, according to a May 5 HHS trend report. 

The five groups responsible for the attacks:

  1. LockBit 2.0: On Feb. 7, HHS and the FBI released a joint alert warning of the LockBit 2.0 ransomware group stating the group uses techniques such as purchased access, unpatched vulnerabilities, insider access and zero-day exploits. Despite claims from the group stating that it does not target the healthcare sector, the HHS found that it was responsible for 31 percent of attacks on the healthcare sector.
  2. Conti: Conti ransomware, which is known for stealing files, encrypting servers and demanding a ransom payment, was...

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