Psychiatric Times May 24, 2024
Kelsey Wong, DO, Kenneth Fung, MD, Roberto Lewis-Fernández, MD, Francis Lu, MD

Psychiatrists may wish to engage the primary care team to conduct a comprehensive case formulation that takes cultural factors into account.


“Brandon” is a 42-year-old African American man with acquired hearing loss who lost his job due to layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been admitted to the hospital for sepsis, and the psychiatry department has been consulted for agitation. Although this is during the early stages of the pandemic and there is a high rate of mortality, he is asking emergency medicine team members to remove their face masks while caring for him.

The primary team is concerned that Brandon is delusional because this request seems unreasonable during a global pandemic. They place a behavioral flag...

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Topics: Patient / Consumer, Primary care, Provider
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