Forbes May 26, 2024
Anuradha Varanasi

Within three decades, heatwaves were linked to more than 150,000 deaths per year in 43 countries across five continents, according to a new study published in PLOS Medicine.

Lead author Yuming Guo, head of the Climate & Air Quality Research Unit at Monash University, Australia, and colleagues analyzed data related to heatwave deaths that took place from 1990 to 2019 and found that this extreme weather event claimed the lives of 153,078 people every year. More specifically, heatwaves accounted for 1% of global deaths or a total of 236 deaths for every ten million residents.

“Evidence shows that the global warming trend is accelerating, which has resulted in 19 of the 20 hottest years since 1880 occurring after 2000. In...

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