ICT&health September 27, 2023
Artur Olesch

In her new book, Katarzyna Kolasa, Ph.D., Professor of Health Economics at Kozminski University (Poland), warns of the financial collapse of health systems and calls for a fundamental transformation, as cosmetic changes will no longer help. Will we manage to make this shift?

You are envisioning healthcare model 5.0. What are its pillars, and how will it differ from the current one?

Healthcare 5.0 envisions patient-centric ecosystems designed around individuals’ needs. This new era of healthcare is driven by digital transformation, shifting from traditional doctor’s office visits to accessible mobile app-based solutions. Healthcare 5.0 also highlights the pivotal role of data in unifying non-digital technologies within a patient-centered ecosystem.

Data serves as a critical source of information regarding our health...

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