Becker's Healthcare November 10, 2023
Naomi Diaz

As hospitals and health systems look to foster a more patient-centered approach to healthcare delivery, they are increasing their partnerships with retailers like Walgreens, Amazon and Walmart.

Retail disruptors often excel in delivering customer-centric experiences. Sara Vaezy, executive vice president and chief digital officer of Renton, Wash.-based Providence, told Becker’s that companies like Amazon have done really well at connecting buyers and sellers, something the healthcare industry can also model.

“In our case, it’s connecting the clinician and the patient, or the system to the consumer with things such as content, information, tools and services,” Ms. Vaezy said. “Patients are going to be online and they are interested in various different channels. We need to personalize and tailor our...

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Topics: Health System / Hospital, Partnerships, Provider, Retailer, Trends
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