MCC September 28, 2023
Derick Bowen, Jennifer Meyer, Stefan Osborne & Onay Payaam

1. Introduction

MCC is required by statute to conduct cost benefit analysis (CBA) and to calculate the economic rate of return (ERR) for projects supported through country compacts. ERR estimates form a critical part of the project approval process and are required to equal or exceed a threshold level of ten percent. To clarify methodology and to improve the consistency across country compacts, the Economic Analysis division, which is responsible for conducting CBAs, is developing a series of guidance documents describing CBA methods and approaches for the major investment sectors in which MCC typically invests. This current report covers non-WASH health projects and projects for which health effects are the primary intended outcomes in the project logic (please see the...

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Topics: Employer, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Pricing / Spending, Provider, Survey / Study, Trends
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