Healthcare Innovation January 24, 2024
Mark Hagland

Health-ISAC’s Errol Weiss shares his perspectives on the intensifying cyber dangers threatening health systems right now—and what senior leaders need to do

Leaders at the Ormond Beach, Fla.-based Health-ISAC—the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center—continue to engage in working to connect healthcare stakeholder organizations globally, including across the United States, to address the ever-intensifying cybersecurity threats facing the healthcare industry these days.

And, with news of ransomware attacks and data breaches hitting the mainstream media seemingly every week, Healthcare Innovation Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland spoke recently with Errol Weiss, Health-ISAC’s chief security officer, but where the U.S. healthcare industry, in particular, hospitals and health systems, is right now relative to the intensifying threat landscape, as we plunge into 2024. Below are...

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