Health Affairs May 24, 2024
Vanessa Davis, Beth Sandor, Meghan Arsenault, Hannah Chimowitz, Lauran Hardin

Housing—and the lack of access to it—has long been recognized as a critical social determinant of health. The outstanding question for health care leaders is not whether health systems have a role to play but how they can make the most transformative impact in addressing homelessness.

In December 2020, nonprofits Community Solutions and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement launched the Healthcare and Homelessness Pilot, a three-year project with financial support from Kaiser Permanente, Providence Health, and Common Spirit. The pilot aimed to identify effective models for cross-sector collaboration between health and homeless response systems and sought to understand: the key partnerships and practices needed to facilitate optimal health and housing outcomes for unhoused individuals; and how these partnerships could operate...

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Topics: Equity/SDOH, Govt Agencies, Health IT, Health System / Hospital, Healthcare System, HIE (Interoperability), Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology
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