Hacker Noon June 27, 2021
Brian Wallace

Telemedicine and Telehealth are the future of healthcare. Telemedicine encompasses remote clinical services, and telehealth is remote non-clinical services. Telehealth is a $20+ billion-dollar industry that’s expected to reach $186.5 billion in 2026.  18% of the U.S. GDP is healthcare-related.  90% of physicians have experience with remote treatment and 77% want a shift towards telehealth.  Not only does telehealth bring in revenue, but it also increases patient satisfaction and retention by 81.5%. 

Telemedicine is booming thanks to its many formats; video calls, mobile health, remote patient monitoring, texting services, and phone calls are a few of the wide array of telehealth platforms available.  Telehealth is less than 100 years old but is growing at an unbelievable rate.  In the first quarter...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology, Telehealth
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