Bio-IT World February 9, 2024

Commentary Contributed by Daniel Jamieson, Biorelate

In biopharma R&D there is growing momentum around the use of Generative AI, the deep-learning algorithms capable of distilling complex knowledge into easily digestible summaries. But so far companies have been relatively modest in their ambitions for the technology. Although applying GenAI discretely within individual departments makes sense for many use cases, the greater opportunity is to harness it across all functions—as a super decision intelligence tool, bringing all aspects of the R&D strategy together.

The Unique Role GenAI Can Play

A subset of artificial intelligence, GenAI can very rapidly distil key information and insights—via machine learning—from vast knowledge banks and create new output from it which...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Biotechnology, Pharma, Pharma / Biotech, Technology
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