AJMC December 8, 2021
Mary Caffrey

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge of reducing disparities in health care delivery and outcomes soared to the top of the policy agenda. It’s a topic at most scientific meetings, and health plans and pharmaceutical manufacturers are building teams to address this issue.

For investigators who work with real-world evidence, health care disparities have been on the radar for some time. However, the current focus on disparities is shaping research priorities.

Flatiron Health is well known for its digital products that help community oncology practices collect and analyze data, provide insights for patient care, and promote clinical trial participation. Today, Flatiron is expanding its footprint in health equity and disparities research, with both community and academic partners.

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Topics: Digital Health, Equity/SDOH, Health IT, Healthcare System, Interview / Q&A, Patient / Consumer, Physician, Provider, Technology, Trends
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