AJMC June 7, 2024
Giuliana Grossi

During the CMS Health Equity conference, the “Implementing Health Equity Through Value-Based Care for People in Medicare” session featured a series of expert speakers who detailed cutting-edge developments in postacute care and fee-for-service Medicare. They shared their insights on pioneering strategies and new codes designed to meet health-related social needs, highlighting practical approaches that propelled the programs forward.

Cindy Massuda, JD, senior technical advisor, CMS, and Chris Palmer, MPA, shared groundbreaking work on health equity in postacute care. Massuda discussed preliminary results from the Screen Positive for Health-Related Social Needs Indicator and summarized national statistics from the 2023 Health Equity Confidential Feedback Reports for Post-Acute Care.1 The work aims to address health equity in skilled nursing facilities and through value-based...

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Topics: CMS, Conferences / Podcast, Equity/SDOH, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Payment Models, Trends, Value Based
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