VentureBeat April 18, 2024
Carl Franzen

The power of turning spoken words into text may be seriously underrated — especially when it works as quickly and accurately as the new AdaKWS model from aiOla, an Israeli tech startup specializing in speech recognition founded in 2020.

AdaKWS further optimizes OpenAI’s existing Whisper AI speech-to-text model that debuted back in 2022, improving its accuracy at detecting keywords by 6.2% overall across 16 languages — and more than 16% across English alone.

It achieves remarkable 94.6% accuracy in keyword spotting generally, outperforming OpenAI’s widely acclaimed Whisper model with its 88.4% accuracy, according to metrics shared by aiOla. It also works across 100 different languages, and transcribes the text in near...

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