Healthcare IT News February 13, 2019
Mike Miliard

The EHR vendor’s founder also discusses the state of interoperability, cloud computing and today’s sticking points in health IT.

Epic CEO Judy Faulkner has been to many, many HIMSS conferences. So many, she says, that she’s lost track. As the company she founded in 1979 turns 40 this year, Faulkner sat down with Healthcare IT News at HIMSS19 for a conversation about interoperability, usability, patient engagement, her own plans for the future and much more.

Q. So, a certain cable TV financial guru suggested recently that Apple should buy your company – which he just seemed to think was a no brainer. What did you think of that?

A. (Laughs.) Well, first of all I had no idea who he is. I’ve never...