McKinsey September 20, 2022
Simon Alfano, Alex Gorham, Alberto Loche, Pablo Salazar

Companies launching new cell and gene therapies can live up to their promise of transforming patient lives through proper preparation of the market, their products, and internal go-to-market models.

Recent launches of new cell and gene therapies (CGTs) have yielded mixed results. In some cases, patient outcomes have been promising, with high rates of therapeutic success and transformed lives. In others, the desired therapeutic gains have been undercut by the difficulty of getting the right therapy to the right patients.

Few CGTs have reached the market over the past decade. However, judging from the pipeline of products in Phase III clinical trials, the number of approvals is likely to rise dramatically in the near future. In 2024 alone, up to...

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Topics: Biotechnology, Pharma / Biotech
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