AJMC March 25, 2023
Hayden E. Klein

The keynote session highlighted trends in COVID-19 and other respiratory illness rates, a bounce back in health care utilization, biosimilar market trends, new product launches, and more.

During his AMCP 2023 keynote session, “2022-2023 Health Care and Pharmaceutical Marketplace Trends,” Douglas Long, MBA, vice president of industry relations at IQVIA, highlighted key trends in health care and telemedicine utilization, rates of respiratory infections, drug spending, and more in the United States.

Among his takeaways, Long reported that health care utilization had bounced back, telemedicine is here to stay, and traditional drug spending has decreased. He also noted a rise in ADHD prescriptions and decline of generics from a business perspective. However, he painted a bright picture for biosimilars,...

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