RamaOnHealthcare January 1, 2018
Rama S Juturu

A Fresh, New Beginning!

After decades of unsuccessful attempts in disrupting the status quo, we are now finally seeing the right approaches for “fixing healthcare“. We have burdened the economy, our personal incomes, and yes, the patient & provider constituency alike.

Now, we will embark on an exciting “Health is Life” journey that will enable populations of risk, quality, and critical cost management essentials.

 Transformative Developments 
  • Traditionally siloed, fragmented care, will move to integrated and connected; holistic approaches to care will be further prioritized and in demand.
  • We will see social determinants of health (SDOH) and lifestyle change modifications powerfully indoctrinated into care delivery vs. the previous, latent, clinical directives witnessed past.
  • Volume (i.e. fee for service) to value reimbursement models (i.e. risk-based payments) will continually be on rise and provider, payer and health system outcomes will be further transparent to the consumer.
  • Change in control will continue to occur, allowing for an empowered, more convenient, consumer-patient experience.
  • Mergers thro’ horizontal and vertical integrations impacting people, process, technology, change management, and indeed, data, will liberate necessary best practices.
  • Manual to Digital, AI environments will surface enabling humans and machines to collaborate as digital twins.

As a community, we will be experiencing three strategic growth areas in our day-to-day lives:

 Digital Health, Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine 
  • Digital Health will be front-end, home-based, creating opportunities for: Apps, Wearables/ Sensors, mHealth, Telehealth, Remote monitoring.
  • Big Data Analytics will be back-end, cloud-based, creating opportunities for: Smart Data, Smart Algorithms, Smart Insights.
  • Precision Medicine will be both front-end and back-end, molecule-based, creating opportunities for: Rapid advances in Genomic Medicine/Biotechnology.

A New Health Care Ecosystem

Convergence amongst business, home functions, and continued collaboration amongst people, processes and technologies, globally, will create a real-time, new health care ecosystem that we are already experiencing in other sectors of our lives i.e. airline, banking, retail, telecommunications etc. Change management and behavior modification, again, like aforementioned industry sectors, will be essential to achieve “optimum health outcomes“.

 A Winning Opportunity

It is imperative that we have simple, articulate “ABC, 123” type dash boards in one place for the monitoring of top diseases in chronic care management (*).  In doing so, the delivery system will harness true value and transparency in terms of managing effective population health-value based care models.

ABC, smart dash board type execution
A: Activity, A1C Level
C: Cholesterol
D: Depression
S: Smoking, Sleep

 (*) Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of America’s healthcare costs.