Circle Square June 4, 2024
Michael Lake and Dave Lake, Co-editors Digital Health Trend

The Ups and Downs of Digital Health

From the co-editors…

Enterprise EHR Foundation

In the US acute care EHR market last year only Epic had a net market share increase while Cerner has lost customers since the Oracle acquisition with revenues stagnant. Physicians get some help in reducing stress from AIgenerated message response drafts that save them time
and help them write more impactful and empathic messages. Also notable is Waystar, a revenue cycle management services leader, targeting IPO soon.

Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence

Google is way up this month with its release of MedGemini, a medical AI with highly capable multimodal models. And its DeepMind analytics, AlphaFold 3, predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules. And also...

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