Circle Square April 2, 2024
Michael Lake and Dave Lake, Co-editors Digital Health Trends

The Ups and Downs of Digital Health

Enterprise EHR Foundation
The technologies that are helping physicians document patient visits are still trending way up. Microsoft’s Nuance and Abridge are leading the way. Niche EMR vendors are up this month as KLAS Research confirms that in some markets, for example, EMRs for pediatric practices, the
specialty-focused solutions outperform the broad-market solutions.

Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence
Analysis from multiple AI trackers see these three sectors leading the Gen AI market: (1) drug design, (2) EHR documentation and coding, and (3) clinical image analytics. We will be increasing our coverage of health and technology in China. This month we highlight a China national research institute-built chatbot based on Meta’s LLM, which can answer doctors’ questions with...

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