Fierce Healthcare February 20, 2024
Noah Tong

Siftwell Analytics, a company providing insights to community health plans to help improve member outcomes, has secured $5.8 million in the company’s first venture capital funding round.

Led by former Cardinal Innovations Healthcare CEO Trey Sutten and General Counsel Chuck Hollowell, the two co-founders are using their expertise in the managed care space to help members proactively using machine learning and AI.

VC firms AlleyCorp, Arkin Digital Health, Tau Ventures and The Charlotte Fund all invested in Siftwell for this funding round. The company will use the funds to enhance its products, Sutten told Fierce Healthcare.

Siftwell will look to address more areas of population health. Right now, Siftwell focuses on major conditions like COPD, depression, hypertension and obesity.


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