Fierce Biotech December 8, 2023
Andrea Park

This week, Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim X2 insulin pump and Control-IQ algorithm made headlines as they became the first to integrate with Dexcom’s G7 sensor to create an artificial pancreas system. A mere 24 hours later, they’re already having to share the spotlight.

On Thursday, the day after Dexcom announced the Tandem team-up, Beta Bionics revealed that its technology, too, has been tapped to link with the G7 continuous glucose monitor. In this case, the resulting automated insulin delivery system will comprise Dexcom’s sensor plus Beta Bionics’ insulin pump and dosing software, which together have been dubbed the iLet Bionic Pancreas and were previously compatible only with Dexcom’s G6 sensor.

The iLet system was cleared by the FDA earlier this...

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