Hacker Noon August 6, 2022
Grace Iyiola

Web3 was designed to overcome the hurdles of web2, including third-party systems, centralization, and many other terms you might have heard of since blockchain became a trend. It was created to nullify the flaws of web2, the internet we’re all familiar with today while paving the way to a truly decentralized system for all. Interoperability might be just another key to that: the decentralized, secure multi-chain network that many envision for the blockchain ecosystem.

How? We’ll get to that. But firstly, let’s begin with the basics.

Understanding Interoperability

In layman’s terms, interoperability is the ability of different hardware and software to exchange information freely without restriction. For context, imagine sitting at home, listening to music on your apple smartphone, using...

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Topics: Blockchain, HIE (Interoperability), Technology
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