HealthIT Answers September 16, 2021
HHS/ONC/CMS Communications

CMS (@CMSGov) awarded several states an initial $2 million to address disparities in health equity by improving access to quality health care in rural communities.

  • Alabama
    200,000 Alabamians Could Benefit from Improved Transportation Services to and from Hospitals
    These funds will help test whether improving access to telehealth services and access to adequate transportation for those living in rural areas can maintain or improve care quality and lower health care costs. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (@UABNews) seeks to expand telemedicine and community-based services to nearly 200,000 Alabamians with Medicare. In addition, working with the Alabama Rural Transit Assistance Program, UAB will look to offer free or discounted transportation services to and from participating hospitals.
  • South Dakota
    More than 13,460 South...

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