HealthExec June 9, 2023
Hannah Murphy

The large language model of many talents, ChatGPT, now has official duties related to charting in the electronic health record of a hybrid primary care company.

Carbon Health, which operates more than 125 clinics across 13 states and offers both virtual and in-person care, has integrated GPT-4 into its EHR system. The hope is that the GPT-4-based notes assistant will ease the burden of manual charting on their physicians while also offering patients more personalized visit summaries, the company announced June 5.

“The rapid development and deployment of hands-free charting advances Carbon Health’s AI-enabled EHR and shows how quickly AI can have a real-world impact on care delivery,” Carbon Health CEO Eren Bali said in a news release....

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Physician, Provider, Technology
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