News-Medical.Net June 9, 2023
By Bhavana Kunkalikar Reviewed by Lily Ramsey, LLM

In a recent study published in the JAMA Network Open Journal, researchers assessed artificial intelligence (AI)-generated responses to health-related inquiries.

​​​​​​​Study: Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Responses to Public Health Questions. Image Credit: SomYuZu/


AI assistants can revolutionize public health by providing precise and practical information to the public. AI assistants are specifically designed to provide exact answers to complex questions instead of web-based knowledge resources that often return multiple results and require the user to synthesize data.

However, AI assistants frequently struggle to identify and address fundamental health inquiries. ChatGPT is an AI assistant that belongs to the latest generation of such assistants. It is developed using advanced large language models that can produce responses that are almost as good...

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