CHCF August 15, 2022
Minerva Canto

A conversation with Payam Parvinchiha, an internal medicine physician who provides care to seniors with chronic conditions 

Since completing his medical residency in internal medicine, Payam Parvinchiha, MD, has mostly provided care to California seniors and served as medical director for various hospices. These experiences, he said, underscored the value of a team-based care model that features intense collaboration among doctors, nurse practitioners (NPs), pharmacists, and case managers. Parvinchiha led a team of 40 NPs when he worked at CareMore, a company that focuses on prevention and highly coordinated chronic disease care while addressing patients’ medical, social, and personal health needs.

The physician — a CHCF Health Care Leadership Program alumnus — now supervises 15 to...

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Topics: Interview / Q&A, Nursing, Patient / Consumer, Post-Acute Care, Provider, Trends
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