September 30, 2023
Lloyd Price

Exec Summary:

Digital health M&A activity is expected to remain strong in the next 12 months, but valuations are likely to remain under pressure.

Here are some of the biggest trends that are expected to shape digital health M&A in 2024:

  • Continued focus on value-based care: Healthcare providers and payers are increasingly focused on delivering value-based care, which means providing care that is high quality, affordable, and efficient. Digital health companies that can help providers and payers achieve their value-based care goals are likely to be attractive acquisition targets.

  • Growing demand for remote patient monitoring: Remote patient monitoring (RPM) allows healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health data remotely, using wearable devices or other sensors. RPM is...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Digital Health, Investments, Mental Health, Mergers & Acquisitions / JV, Payment Models, Provider, Technology, Telehealth, Trends, Value Based
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