HIT Consultant May 23, 2024
Fred Pennic

What You Should Know:

Avel eCare, a leading provider of clinician-to-clinician telemedicine services, has announced the launch of Avel eSync.

– The innovative platform is designed to revolutionize telemedicine by streamlining workflows and empowering healthcare organizations to seamlessly integrate these services into their operations.

Optimizing the Clinician Experience

Avel eSync’s core strength lies in its advanced workflow capabilities. This clinician-centric platform provides a powerful engine that allows for the rapid creation of customized workflows. This flexibility caters to a wide range of use cases across Avel’s diverse offerings, including emergency care, intensive care units (ICUs), behavioral health, and senior care. By enabling customization for each client’s unique needs and preferences, Avel eSync fosters compliance, quality care, and...

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