VentureBeat September 28, 2023
Sharon Goldman

It was nearly impossible not to get caught up in the bubbly, colorful, Disneyland-like vibe of Meta’s Connect developer and creator conference yesterday, held for the first time in person since before the pandemic at Meta headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Hearing the crowd clap during the event’s keynote every time Mark Zuckerberg announced another cool, mind-blowing or just plain adorable AI-driven product (AI stickers! AI characters! AI image of Zuck’s dog!) reminded me of being a kid watching the orca shows at Sea World in wonder: Ooh! The orca just clapped! Ahhh…look how high it can jump!

That’s because Meta AI’s offerings were incredibly impressive — at least in their demo forms. Chatting with Snoop Dogg as a dungeon...

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