KevinMD May 25, 2024
Alisa Berger, MD

America’s health care system, much like Congress, is broken, and doctors have to be part of the solution. I don’t know a single doctor who doesn’t wish to improve our ability to increase access and the delivery of health services to our patients. Maintaining and/or improving the health of patients is our goal. That should be the goal of anyone associated with the health care system, but it’s not. Currently, our system is infiltrated and plagued by profit. There’s no quick fix or panacea. I have ideas on how to make improvements, but let me point out what I see as the biggest problems.

Economic structure

America’s capitalist economy works well for many industries—but not all, and health care...

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Topics: Employer, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Physician, Provider
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