Pharmaceutical Executive June 9, 2021
Julian Upton

How the UK is making progress in this hi-tech field.

Pharmaceutical 3D printing research has developed rapidly in the past five years; these days, numerous papers describing the development of novel 3D printable formulations using different drugs, excipients, and designs are published each month. The UK has been making particular headway in pushing this research forward. For example, FabRx, a spin-out from University College London (UCL), is the first company to focus on bringing 3D printing technology to the clinical setting. Last month, researchers from the University of East Anglia (UAE) announced they had identified a new method for the 3D printing of medicine in highly porous structures, with promising implications for the future manufacture of personalized medicine.

FabRx carries...

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Topics: 3D Printing, Pharma / Biotech, Precision Medicine, Technology
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